BLOODHUNT Graphic Novel.

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Here's is a list of my comicbook work more images coming soon.

-2019 The Return of the Wolfdragon (in development)

-2018-19- Nat the merc mini-series (in development).

-2017-19 -BloodHunt. ( In Production & coming to Indiegogo in March 2019)

-2018-.. The Fantastic Duo A free comicbook i do for free for the FantasticonMTL.               

-2017- 18 Opera Omnia: in production.

-2017- The art of SIM Anthology: Uncensored

-2016- Test Beta: Zidara9 vol:9

-2015- Helena Roze: Space Pirate.

-2014- Nat the merc: Raw & Uncut & in color.

-2013- Fate a prelude to Nat ( solo & Zidara9  vol:4.

-2012- Nat the merc in Zidara9  vol:3.

-201o-11  The Wolfdragon 

 Other Publications

-T.O.W. Tales from Outer Worlds; short stories comics.

-Heroes of the North the comic-book series: Pencil & inks on Into the Card a Jackpot story written by Christian Viel.

-Zidara9: 2012 to 2016 

-La boite a BD le comic-book vol: 2 & 3

-Les Apatrides: web-comic by Martin Beaulieu


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